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Ambila: a green village between the Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean

Ambila: a green village between the Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean

May 07 2019


In Madagascar, there are many secret villages such as Ambila that can be reached by ferry through a river. Those who have experienced a trip to Madagascar have certainly kept an excellent memory of the minibuses, vans and off-road cars on these ferries. And also the bamboo rafts, the monolithic canoes and the motor boats... The water and green landscapes are magnificent and unique!


Ambila-Lemaitso: fish-bearing waterways and green nature

Ambila means "where there are vila", which are these wooden fish traps built all over the Pangalanes Canal. They always arouse the travellers’ curiosity. You will experience yourself this atypical crossing before reaching your destination.

From Antananarivo, Ambila is accessible by a fork on the right 1 km after Brikaville (266 km from Antananarivo). After 18 km of relatively difficult road, you will embark on a 20 minutes ferry or raft crossing.

When you arrive, you immediately feel overwhelmed by a feeling of peace, lightness and joy. These are the natural feelings that arouse when you see the beaches and the thick vegetation background. It is easy to understand why the village is called Ambila-Lemaitso, as Lemaitso means "The Green".

On the way to your hotel room or villa, you won't stop smiling! The smiling welcome of the villagers, the beauty of the landscape, the warm and comfortable accommodation... At night, the sound of the ocean roaring in the distance will rock you in your sleep!

  Ambila: a green village between the Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean  

A small village full of charm

Apart from swimming and relaxing, the main activity is a motorboat or outboard canoe trip on the Pangalanes Canal. You never get tired of swimming in the fresh water and crossing the waterway for scenery and fishing.

The interior is also full of attractions, including clove plantations. The subtle smell of cloves in the air, the scent of orchids on the old airfield, the lemur watching... A quiet walk in the forest will do you a lot of good!

A walk along the beach is also very pleasant, especially at the end of the day. Admiring the sunset before going back to the hotel to enjoy a fish grill! These are the ingredients for an excellent stay in Madagascar! Also, you would better not miss visiting the women who make the sobika, a kind of woven basket which is used for transporting and storing fish and other foodstuffs.


Exotic and pleasant sightseeing trips

The Pangalanes Canal leads you to many beautiful sights around Ambila! 


  • Anjanaborona: the nearest village
  • Ambava-kanala (Andavakimena): a charming swimming spot
  • Andovovao: an artisanal village on the banks of the canal
  • Ambodiampaly: a village where rice and orange are grown, cinnamon and noni (nono [Morinda citrifolia] juice) are produced
  • Ambinanimaty: a village where you can find a geyser
  • Andovoranto and the mouth: where the canal and the sea meet. Seafood is exceptional here



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