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On the road from the capital to Andasibe (150 km, 3 h), we will start visiting Madagascar Exotic, a farm... As we arrive at "Andasibe National Park" (
The Andasibe National Park counts among the last portions of primary forest in Madagascar, which are

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Andasibe Mantadia National Park is a paradise for nature lovers, with a rich and incredible fauna and... Located in the Rural Commune of Andasibe, this Protected Area is the most visited in Madagascar because... A fauna unique in the world Refuge for the famous lemurs Andasibe Mantadia National Park was created
offers a change of scenery and tranquility between Antananarivo and Manjakandriana, Antananarivo and Andasibe

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sambiranensis ·         Simmon’s mouse lemur, Microcebus simmonsi ·         Goodman’s mouse lemur (Andasibe-Mantadia

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with lagoons and dotted with channels (like the Pangalanes channel), which turns into a forest realm (Andasibe-Mantadia
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