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On the road between Morondava and the Tsingy of Bemaraha, we will discover the peculiar landscapes of western Madagascar: arid and eroded lands, rivers, baobabs, canyons, rocks of all shapes… On the way back, we will see rice fields and all sorts of planting and landscaping! Stages include a crossing of the Baobab Alley, a ferry ride on the Tsiribihina River, a trek to the feet of the Tsingy of
Come with us to discover beautiful Madagascar, the Great Island ! The perfect trip for a first overall sight of this country with outstanding landscape, and always welcoming population. Our trip begins East, with a nice overview of the richness of the humid forests of the Atsinanana Region. The Andasibe National Park counts among the last portions of primary forest in Madagascar, which are truly

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The Baobab Alley is one of the most beautiful sites on the Big Island. A true national heritage, this place, not far from Morondava, is a must-see during a trip in central-west Madagascar. Discovery of the site You will be surprised to see these trees over 30 meters high bordering the track leading to the banks of the Tsiribihina River over a length of 20 km. Some of these cult trees have an age
Located on the beach of Ampasilava, Laguna Blu – Resort Madagascar is 170km north of Tulear. In our exclusive location, all the 14 bungalows have sea view and private bathroom with sky-view shower and all amenities. The restaurant with panoramic terrace on the Ocean, offers daily fresh meals with fish and pasta, made by our Italian chef. Daily, you will have at your disposal 1km of white sandy
Ankarafantsika National Park Located in the Boeny region, in the northwest of the Big Island, Ankarafantsika National Park is bounded on the east by the Mahajamba River and on the west by the Betsiboka River. The park is crossed by National Road 4 and covers an area of 136,000 hectares. Ankarafantsika was once called Ampijoroa Forest Station. It is famous for its lake, birds and turtles.
Morombe: an authentic coastal city in southern Madagascar Of course, every city in Madagascar has its own unique characteristics, making this tropical island an exceptional destination. Morombe stands out especially for the beauty of its lagoons, where one of the largest and most beautiful coral reefs in the world is located. This small Malagasy coastal city is about 200km north of Tuléar. It
Majunga: a Malagasy cosmopolitanism Located in the Golf of Mozambique, in western Madagascar, Majunga or Mahajanga has for emblem a large baobab tree and three turtles. A stay in this beautiful city will allow you to discover an impressive cultural wealth and a preserved landscape. “The City of Flowers” is an exotic destination to discover during your **stay in western Madagascar**. History: the

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The Malagasy baobabs are a marker of this extraordinary biodiversity of the Big Island, like 80% of Malagasy fauna and flora. The baobab still has many mysteries about its biological singularities. It has been studied since 2 centuries by botanists, since Michel Adanson who gave in 1749 in Senegal its name to the genus Adansonia. It is only fifteen years since the American taxonomist David Baum

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plateaux offer some rare humid and dense forest dots, and mainly grassy savanna punctuated with long baobab... two global heritage UNESCO sites: the famous karstic formations of the Tsingy of Bemaraha, and the Baobab
or theme trips Tsingy, the luxuriance of the primary forest, blond savannah punctuated by zebu and baobab
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