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never fail to say hello, children playing on the banks… An essential stopover in eastern Madagascar: Sainte-Marie... Sainte-Marie is also known for its welcoming and warm population.

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Sainte Marie Island (Nosy Boraha) Sainte Marie, also called Nosy Boraha, is a tropical destination off... The buccaneers were given safe shelter in Sainte-Marie.... Sainte-Marie Island today **_The friendly population_**Nosy Boraha or Sainte Marie is like a piece of... During your stay in Sainte Marie, do not be in a rush!... Must-see places in Sainte Marie?
Cap Sainte-Marie is the top South point of the country.... We should not forget the Cap Sainte-Marie special reserve, home to two species of tortoises in danger
It is located on Sainte-Marie Island, at the East of Madagascar.
Hotel is 4 star high standing resort, which combines modern comfort with the legendary hospitality in Sainte-Marie... On the South Western coast of "Sainte-Marie" ( /sainte-marie/) island, at 10 minutes from the airport.
Masoandro Lodge is a 3 stars charming ecolodge for nature lovers. on the West Coast of "Sainte-Marie"... (, between Maromandia Loukintsy
mainly known to the rest of the world for its lemurs, but also for Nosy Be’s diving spots of, as well as Sainte-Marie... Snorkeling lovers can admire manta rays, whale sharks, turtles… In "Sainte-Marie" ( /travel-guide/destination/sainte-marie/), humpback whales frequent the coast from July to October.... However, Sainte-Marie reserves the best wreck spots!... Saint-Marie Where else could you find a better wreck spot than off an island known as a former haven
Idylle Beach, is a Restaurant on the beach with its Bar Lounge and guest rooms on the Île Sainte-Marie
Fort-Dauphin: a coastal city backed by a verdant mountainFort-Dauphin is an authentic city. It is one of the Big Island’s most beautiful destinations. It is built on a narrow part of the coast, surrounded by thick vegetation. One is guaranteed a memorable stay in the middle of a breathtaking panorama. Honeymoon in Madagascar, holidays with friends or family, heading for this destination!
With its fine sandy beach and magnificent coves, Lokaro Bay is one of the most beautiful places to discover in Fort Dauphin. The main attraction in this region located about fourty kilometers from Tolagnoro. Swimming with multicolored fish, without a doubt! Discovery of the bayLokaro Bay is one of southern Madagascar’s touristic highlights. You can easily access this site full of character from

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lemur, from western Madagascar ·         Boraha mouse lemur, named after the animal’s island of origin, Sainte-Marie

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the littoral, while fishing villages decorate the coast, some places being real gardens of Eden like Sainte... Marie Island (Nosy Boraha).
In nutshell, you must retain: In the East coast and in Sainte Marie, the monsoon rain is frequent in... November to March, the rainfall can be heavy between June and the end of August, especially in the Sainte... Marie Island.
In summary, it should be noted: At the east coast and in Sainte Marie, the monsoon’s rain is frequent... March, precipitation can be abundant between June and the end of August, especially on the island of Sainte-Marie
    By car: 1094 km For the East From Antananarivo to Tamatave / Toamasina 354 km From Antananarivo to Sainte... Marie / Nosy Bohara Island     By plane: 55min     By car: 354 km to Tamatave with 3h00 by boat For
lands to international airport of Ivato-Antananarivo [TNR] There is flights connection between Nosy Be, Sainte... Marie island, Mahajanga and Reunion Island, Mayotte or Comores.
E-mail: [email protected] Madagascar honorary consulate in Québec 2915 de Valmont, Sainte-Foy... Site web: Madagascar general honorary consulate in Saint-Étienne... 230) 686 5016 Fax: (+230) 686 7040 E-mail: [email protected] Reunion Madagascar honorary consulate in Saint-Denis... 29 rue St Joseph Ouvrier 97400 Saint-Denis, Reunion Telephone: (+262) E-mail: consulat-madrun
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