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Travel insurance, assistance or/and cancellation

Travel insurance, assistance or/and cancellation


To participate to our tours, you must be covered by insurance assistance and repatriation and medical expenses abroad.


Cap Explorer is the new contract from our partnership CHAPKA insurance. This insurance is perfectly adaptable to our tours. Pick up the option that suits you best :

  • Explorer'Multirisk : Includes all the benefits in order to provide you with maximum coverage before, during and after your trip. Before departure with the cancellation for all justified reasons and sudden events (undeclared strikes, airspace closure, cancelled flights, terrorist attacks, natural disaster, epidemics) and the inability to depart. You will also benefit from a comprehensive repatriation assistance and will be covered for inpatient and outpatient cares during your stay.
  • Explorer’Cancellation: The necessary benefits to insure your travel budget before departure : all justified causes cancelation and sudden event, impossible departure and missed flight. It must be subscribed 48 hours after the first deposit.
  • Explorer'Assistance: All the Multirisk benefits without the “cancellation benefits”, in order to be fully covered during your trip.

Warranty - Cost estimation - Subscribe to

This insurances contracts are specifics to our journey, we suggest you heavily to subscribe on it. The convention who gives details of the guarantee series and the modality of sinister declaration are vacant in the blank of information and quotation. Only you are the responsable of the respect of the procedure of all sinister declaration. So you must save this convention (policy number and urgency number) with you all along your trip. On their website, you can discover each contract that they purposed  CHAPKA ASSURANCE

Before your agency, in case of cancellation :

Détours Madagascar apply the repayment schedule planned in our generally sale condition. It is established according to the amount of day remainder before the planned date of departure. Shrink an cancellation insurance allow you to be refund (out of the insurance cost).

Through your trip

The assistance insurance and repatriation covers you in case of accident on the spot whose you, your caccompanying or your nearby are the victims (example : advance of medical expenses abroad, repatriation, early return in case of disease of nearby, civil responsability, juridic assistance…) Your bank card covers you often in this case. Think to verify if you profit already of this type of guarantee. Finally, luggage insurance protect you against the worsening, the lag or the loss of your luggage. This insurance are often included in the cancellation insurance. Important, that you must verify and know

  • The limit of the guarantee : amount, length…
  • The amouth eventuel franchise
  • If your destination is covers
  • The beneficiary of guarantee

Before leaving : 

  • Procure you all attestation of necessary medical assistance.
  • Verify all last update of insurance condition to your reference organization.
  • Take away and keep on you the insurance policy number and the telephonic contact of the assistance.
  • Always prevent your insurance before committing fees or right after an emergency. 
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