The values and ethics - Détours Madagascar
The values and ethics

The values and ethics

At Détours Madagascar, our travelers creativity are guided by:

  • The passion for Madagascar, her human and natural environment.
  • The curiosity for the originality and the character itinerary.
  • The respect of the us and customs of our host and their natural environment.
  • Of these mighty values, to very concrete involvement, ensue our pleasure to manage your moove.
  • The traveler who go away with us commit to share this state of mind.

We are a team of specialist in all subject leaning towards fundamental commitments:

Our commitment for your gratification
  • Offer a travel faithful to the proposed program.
  • Work with the best guide and partenary. They are selected according the requirement yardstick which are very important for us like the seriosity, the reactivity and the respect.
Our sustainable and responsible commitment
  • Advance and develop a tourism respectful of environment and the comunity,
  • Support the local community developing tourism products contribute to their economic upswing and to the conservation of their natural and patrimonial wealth.
  • Privilege partnership who have the same vision and the same code’s ethic as us.
Our share commitment
  • Make your journey a mighty moments and wealth in emotion, where our team share with you about the region, the wealth of the nature and the man who live here.
  • Give a means to our journey: a traveler is this who never forget to think, because a territory and by reproach, only worth the human experience that is realized.
Our transparency commitment
  • We are conviced that an accountable and sustainable tourism emerges with the jointe action of a population, the professional of tourism and the traveler.
  • The value of the respect and the share are at the heart of every decision that we take in a daily and wake about win-win relationship between the different partenary without jeopardizing the own site’s natural and cultural heritage.
Our serenity commitment
  • Be reachable all the time.
  • Inform the traveler before their departure of the scope of possible security problem thanks to the excellent knowledge of the place that we browse and the information relays thta we have established.
  • Sensibilized the traveler to asking them to guess and respect the Madagascar’s heritage. And his culture (particularity social and religious.
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