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KiteParadise - Baie de Sakalava

Kitesurfers choose between mirror flat water or waves on the reef! KiteParadise Madagascar is a rad kite resort dedicated to not only to kitesurf and kiteboard but to kitefoiling as well. It islocated on the magnificent beach of Sakalava Bay, in the North of Madagascar, 20km away from Diego Suarez.

The flat spot is right in front of the hotel; waves are on the reef, only 600m away. You get a breathtaking view right from your room onto the kitespot, embracing Sakalava Bay. Wake up, dress up and go kitesurfing!

Sakalava Bay is also ideal for kite foil when the tide is high.

They offer a variety of accommodation optionsfrom rooms with shared facilities to bungalows with a view, and even glamping. On The Madagascar Paradise Lounge terrace, be inspired by Sakalava Bay legendary beauty, get tanned, join us for a jam, drinks, or check out your drone footages

When you chose to stay with KiteParadise you'll be kitesurfing with a cause.Part of our profits are used to co-fund the local primary school and to help preserve the environment/ Kitesurfing and kiteboarding for good!


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