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Scuba diving

The fifth largest island in the world (587,040 km²) is a true sanctuary of terrestrial and marine life, with 4,828 km of coastline. The country is mainly known to the rest of the world for its lemurs, but also for Nosy Be’s diving spots of, as well as Sainte-Marie’s pirates and humpback whales.

Diving spots are not lacking here and they always promise a unique experience. Everything is unique on this island! Looking for turquoise and translucent water? You will find them in Madagascar. Coral reef, multicolored fish, large fish, sharks, dolphins, whales… You can witness it all this during a tailor-made tour organized by Détours Madagascar!

The best time to go diving in Madagascar is between July and November. In Nosy Be, divers will be able to observe a wealthy seabed of interesting varieties. Snorkeling lovers can admire manta rays, whale sharks, turtles… In Sainte-Marie, humpback whales frequent the coast from July to October.

The Big Island’s coasts are just perfect for diving throughout the dry season: from April to December. The water temperature is around 25°C between July and August, and around 30°C between November and May. Regarding visibility, it is 10 to 30 m all year round.

While diving or snorkeling, Madagascar’s marine fauna is exceptional, allowing you to always find jacks, groupers, barracudas, butterflyfish, batfish, surgeonfish, etc. Pilot whales, tursiops and other types of dolphins can be seen in Nosy Be all year round, as well as reef sharks, leopard sharks and whale sharks. The green turtle and the hawksbill turtle also part of Nosy Be’s marine wealth.

The best diving spots in Madagascar

Nosy Be

It is undoubtedly THE diving destination in Madagascar, also the most popular and the richest with a chain of islets, pristine beaches, transparent waters and above all excellent diving centers. Snorkeling tours are enchanting here, allowing you to dive with whale sharks, swim among multicolored fish… Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Iranja, the Mitsio archipelago, the Radama archipelago… the stages and spots are numerous and promise an unforgettable experience! The spot called “The 4 wrecks” on Nosy Komba is one you don’t want to miss! However, Sainte-Marie reserves the best wreck spots!


Where else could you find a better wreck spot than off an island known as a former haven for pirates? You will be immersed in another world by visiting the wrecks of the Cocoteraie and the Léopard! As the island’s lagoon is naturally preserved, diving enthusiasts will enjoy discovering its various coral gardens. Coral fish, marine turtles, pelagic fish… During sea trips, you may also encounter the southern right whale, also called right whale, rarer and bigger than the humpback whale. No need to dive with a tank to admire the big ones.

The coasts of Tulear

Madagascar’s southwest coast is home to superb fishing villages that are preserved and difficult to access. Its immense coral reef, nearly 300 kilometers long, is the ideal refuge for marine wildlife. Anakao, Ifaty, Belo-sur-Mer are little-visited and exceptional diving destinations. Beautiful seabed is to be discovered! Note that humpback whales can also be seen there!


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