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Amber Mountain National Park

Covering an area of 18,200 ha, Amber Mountain National Park is located in the Diana region of northern Madagascar near Diego-Suarez. The mountain that characterizes the site rises to more than 1,475 meters above sea level. It is a staple of the tour in the northern part of the Big Island for adventurers who want to discover the very characteristics of a rainforest fauna and flora.

Amber Mountain National Park: an endemic fauna

The mountain is home to an endemic ecosystem, being covered by a dense dry forest in the east, a dense rainforest in the west and a dense mountain forest at the top. Several animal species found refuge there, including the crowned lemur and the mute Brookesia which hide under the foliage. This chameleon species is smaller than a thimble. A brown mouse lemur, the world’s smallest primate, may surprise you during your hike. The fosa, a small wild animal endemic to Madagascar, also inhabits the forest. The park has nearly seventy bird species and nearly twenty amphibians. It also shelters seven species of lemurs, amphibians, bats and mammals of all kinds.

Amber Mountain National Park: an outstanding flora

Equipped with a raincoat and good walking shoes, get ready to discover a unique and captivating biodiversity in an extraordinary environment! The footpaths will take you into a luxuriant nature where an exceptional wealth of flora and fauna develops. Find out a wide variety of Oleaceae (vine trees). Let yourself be seduced by the variety of rare orchids, growing alongside tree ferns, palm trees, epiphytic plants, lichens, ficus and a lot of precious woods. Some trees are used by the local population for healing purposes.

Amber Mountain National Park: beautiful water landscapes

The park brings some freshness to the region’s hot and dry climate. Many waterfalls, including the Big and Small waterfalls, await you there. Also discover five crater lakes that the Antakarana people consider sacred. Mahery Lake located in the Special Reserve is known for its population of Pachypanchax Sakaramyi. Additionally, Mahasarika Lake supplies water to the city of Antsiranana. For your information, the hydrographic network of Amber Mountain can supply up to 700 km² of rice fields.

Some areas of Amber Mountain, like in almost all regions of Madagascar, are sacred places that you must absolutely respect. For this reason, it is recommended to bring a guide if you are considering exploring the park.


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