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Lokaro Bay

With its fine sandy beach and magnificent coves, Lokaro Bay is one of the most beautiful places to discover in Fort Dauphin.

The main attraction in this region located about fourty kilometers from Tolagnoro. Swimming with multicolored fish, without a doubt!

Discovery of the bay

Lokaro Bay is one of southern Madagascar’s touristic highlights. You can easily access this site full of character from the village of Evatraha, near Lake Ambavarano. It’s a 3 to 5 hour walk, across idyllic landscapes.

Beyond the canals and lagoons, discover a small cove perfect for swimming and scuba diving. The view is simply wonderful, with the peak of Saint-Louis in the background, which is reflected in the waters of the basin.

Beautiful and wild, Lokaro Bay is assimilated by some boaters to Ireland, while others see it as part of Brittany. By taking the arroyos, you will cross a marshy vegetation composed of arums, pandanus and Ravinala. Wild ducks and kingfishers greet you along the way. It is not uncommon to meet fishermen with their canoes on the shore. This ecosystem will give you a taste of the Pangalanes Channel’s fauna and flora.

Are you looking for adventure and thrills? Hit the scenic trail! After approximately a two-hour walk, you will reach an exceptional view out onto the region. This escapade also gives you the opportunity to discover an amazing flora, including immense aloe vera or blooming euphorbia.

Lokaro Bay is a unique land of escape. You can have picnics and swim in translucent water! Satisfy your desire for relaxation in an enchanting environment on the edge of Île Sainte-Claire, known for its fine sandy beaches. The ballet of traditional canoes will brighten up your day, along with the beautiful sunset.


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