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The charming town of Ambalavao lies about 57 km south of Fianarantsoa in the direction of Tuléar. Step enjoyable on the road south, Ambalavao will seduce you with its beautiful houses in Betsileo veranda and numerous workshops paper and silk. Animal lovers and nature will be delighted to join the Anja village reserves to the discovery of the endemic species of the island, the ring-tailed lemur.


Ambalavao inherits a tragic history. The land of the Betsileo witnessed the important confrontation between the Merina and the Bara, when they wanted to expand their territory to the north.

Ambalavao today

About fifty kilometers south of Fianarantsoa, Ambalavao is revealed timidly nestled between the granite mountains, dominated by the Andringitra massif and Boby Peak peaking at nearly 2,658 meters of altitude. This region marks the boundary between the Highlands and the southern part of Madagascar, represented by three rocky massifs designated as the gates of the South. The big market town is displayed today as a friendly stopover during a trip to Madagascar. On arrival at Ambalavao, you quickly notice the pretty pastel colored houses with their veranda carved and worked with beautiful geometric patterns very southern culture characteristics. Rich in many handicrafts, including paper and silk, several workshops can be visited. The manufacture of quality paper, paper antemoro, the silkworm breeding with Landy weaving and embroidery workshop will give you a very good perceived different production techniques. With its countless vineyards stretching to the horizon, Ambalavao is also known for being a great wine producer in the country. You are free to taste and judge this local wine. Perched on a small hill south of the city, Ambalavao hosts the second largest zebu market Madagascar. Vast almost 2 hectares, the market takes place on Wednesday and then begins an impressive ballet of cattle waiting to find a buyer.


Ambalavao has inherited a savannah climate with a dry winter. It has plenty of rainfall, even during dry seasons. Average rainfall is 1,525.7 mm per year. How to get there ? Ambalavao is accessible from the RN7. It is 56 km from Fianarantsoa.

What to do and what to visit in Ambalavao?

  • Enjoy the excitement of the zebu market every Wednesday and attend the Bara negotiations.
  • Touring the vineyards that are integral parts of the land and enjoy the Malagasy wine.
  • Visit Antemoro Papermaking Workshops as well as silkworm farming and embroidery workshop.
  • Explore the rare plants and lemurs in the Anja forest or the Andringitra National Park.


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