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Archipelago Radama

Radama Archipelago

Composed of four islets, the Radama Archipelago is located 60 km from Nosy Be, in the Mozambique Channel. Surrounded by translucent water, this place appears as a piece of paradise to which one can easily become attached.

Authentic villages
A little further south of the Ampasindava peninsula, a string of peninsulas is the scene of a ballet of canoes, dhows and schooners, dancing to the rhythm of successive waves. Nosy Kalakajoro and Antanimora offer delightful views. The beaches are lapped by a turquoise sea that encourages swimming. The inhabitants of the archipelago are the heirs of an ancestral know-how in marine carpentry. They have founded small charming villages and live on fishing sea cucumbers and sharks whose fins are particularly popular in Asia.

To suit the wind

Berafia was once a place where export crops such as ylang-ylang and coffee were grown. The originality of the largest islet in the Radama Archipelago consists of few remains, including a former colonial house, an abandoned shop and an old tractor. Life there is influenced by the trade wind. This wind, which blows from east to west, dictates the rhythm of the dhows and canoes fishing at sea. In Berafia, fishermen leave the village early in the morning with the “Varatraza” or the eastern trade wind, only to return in the evening with the “Talio”, a wind blowing from the west in the afternoon.

Paradise for divers

Nosy Saba is located in the southernmost part of the archipelago. It is distinguished by its rather calcareous than sandy appearance. The whiteness of its beaches will dazzle you, as will the beauty of its coral reefs. The water’s high transparency allows you to see the underwater treasures without masks. Diving enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy this adventure.


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