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Morombe: an authentic coastal city in southern Madagascar

Of course, every city in Madagascar has its own unique characteristics, making this tropical island an exceptional destination. Morombe stands out especially for the beauty of its lagoons, where one of the largest and most beautiful coral reefs in the world is located. This small Malagasy coastal city is about 200km north of Tuléar. It promises getaways of exploration and relaxation.

The Vezo territory

This small piece of earthly paradise allows you to enjoy many activities and have very pleasant discoveries. The local population consists mainly of Vezo fishermen, who are not afraid of riding the waves with their dhows and schooners. They make a living from fisheries, and some of them are semi-nomads and are famous for their long-inherited know-how in the traditional manufacture of schooners. Craftsmen are often seen on the beach where they work every day to finish their outrigger canoes. Everything is done by hand using traditional tools and techniques that they inherited from their ancestors.

The peace of nature

Here, you are in the heart of the Vezo kingdom where impressive stretches of beaches allow you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing stay. The time of a stay, you will learn to live in slow motion and leave your stressful and hectic life behind. Take advantage of the beach and mangroves. Birds also seem to find their happiness there. There is a wide variety of bird species, including white and black egrets that like to fly over the lagoons.

The Mikea Country

Lake Ihotry is one of the main attractions of the city. To get there, you need to take a pathway bordered by baobab trees, steppes and savannas. It is an isolated lake, allowing the “Mikea” people to live peacefully despite the tourist influence that threatens the preserved culture of this extraordinary ethnic group. Pink and white flamingo colonies and a few bird species also come there to quench their thirst. Nature lovers should not miss the forest of giant baobabs, some of which are considered sacred and several thousand years old. During their visit, they can also watch birds and some endemic animal species.

A paradise for water sports enthusiasts

Morombe is ideal for water sports, including boat trips to the coral reefs. You can also go scuba diving and admire the beauty of the seabed, where a multitude of colorful fish lives. Fishing enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite activity by deep-sea fishing. A quick hike to Andavadoaka will allow you to refresh yourself and admire the craftsmen doing their work. Some islands off the coast of Morombe are sacred, so it is best to ask permission before venturing there.


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