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Prepare his baggage

Prepare his baggage

  • Favour a big backpack or a supple baggage. You will not have occasion to use the wheels of your suitcase and it’s easier to transport in the 4×4.
  • A little backpack for the visiting day. We suggest you to bring a waterproof backpack or cover to protect your materials in case of rain (rainy season in November to March), the same for your documents.
We make a listing for you that will help you to prepare your baggage for your trip in Madagascar.

The document that you mustn’t forget:

  • Your passport up to date
  • Your international or national flight ticket
  • Your repatriation insurance contract/cost of first assistance
  • Your vaccination book not obligatory
  • Your blood group if it’s possible

Your clothes:

  • April to October, bring warm clothes: a pullover or micro down jacket, trousers and sock and a scarf because night are fresh especially in “Hautes Terres”.
  • Clothes for trekking and sport activities, generally: a pair of shoes where you are comfortable inside and raincoat if you have.
  • Waterproof jacket like K-way or gore-tex.
  • Your beach uniform, swimsuit, short or dress.
  • A hat or a cap
  • If you have still place, you can bring a denim pants to go to the restaurant or to walk in the street, a pair of tong and basket.

Medicines and hygiene:

  • First aid-kit
  • Sanitary towel or tampon for women, it’s difficult to find it there.
  • Antibacterial product and wipe
  • Anti-mosquito or lemongrass to protect you against the bite
  • Solar cream with rather high sign ( minimum 30)
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Biodegradable washing powder when you need washing clothes


  • Camera to take fantastic souvenir. Camera with many lenses is better for animals. Now, there is  good compact, easier to carry and discreet in a big town.
  • Solar battery or spare battery to your camera
  • Notebook and pencil to write your impression
  • For adventurers  who will sleep in  bivouac: knife multi-function, flashlight, sleeping bag and why not inflatable pillow.
  It is important to retain that the accommodation that we offer supply you sheet, soap and hand towel.
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Parfum the Mongolie
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