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Travel with children in Madagascar

Travel with children in Madagascar

Madagascar is a wonderful destination even with child. But it is very necessary to choose well the tour according to their capacity. Malagasy people are welcoming and will happy to greet you with your child.

Medicine bag:

We suggest you to have medicine bag both for your child and for you. You can find all you need in the section health and vaccine in Madagascar

The airplane:

A long distance-flight, it is long… prepare your child about this, they have to be occupied. Moreover, Madagascar is large, biggest than France. The highway is less developed and the ride last many hours. So, we suggest you to choose the tour with little trip to not spend your day in 4×4.

The food:

The most of our accommodation and restaurant offer French and European food. Your child will not confuse

The meeting with Malagasy people:

To meet Malagasy people is fascinating with your child. Local can ask you many questions: where are you from? How old is your child? What’s his name? Don’t worry if your children play and laugh with Malagasy child. In this age, there is no barrier. It makes the travel’s beauty..

What to do in Madagascar with your children?

If your children are a nature fan, so he will like to walk in national parks, discover endemic fauna and flora of the Big Island. Your children prefer the dynamic activities? You can do many different sports activities that we offer like quad trip, snorkeling, bike ride, sailboat, catamaran or pirogue trip. For the trek, your children must have experience and have not difficult with long distance.  
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