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Visa and administrative formalities

Visa and administrative formalities

Important: your passport must be update and valid during 6 months after the end of your stay in Madagascar. For the stay less than three months, visa for admission and for stay are mandatory. Obtain tourist visa is very easy and can doing directly in the airport as soon as you reach your destination. Since January, 1st, 2018, the electronic visa,  traceable and unforgeable: it allows you to save time in the airport and allow you to extend the duration of your stay by online application.

The procedure:

  • On the internet :
You can make your application on the official E-visa website ( Payment is on line by secured system. You will obtain your landing permission. once to the airport, the border police delivered you your secured tax disc.
  • Make application at your arrival:
After the exit of airplane, you go to the path “foreign passport, no-resident”. You must have your valid passport, electronic ticket, your return flight ticket or your ticket for other destination (with presentation of the ticket or visa for the next country) and the address of your accommodation. You will pay the fee of visa in the counter of the airport. As soon as you obtain your landing permission, you will go in the counter of the border police who will give you your secured tax disc.

The cost of the visa depends on the duration of your stay.

  • 35,00 euros for 30 days
  • 40,00 euros from 31 to 60 days
  • 50,00 euros from 61 to 90 days
The visa is valid during 90 days maximum. This non-immigration visa isn’t neither extendable or transformable in long stay visa and don’t give access to do any pay activities. This process concerns all airports in Madagascar that receive international flight.  
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