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Bivouac’s equipment

Bivouac’s equipment

How is the bivouac trip with Detours Madagascar?

To know all important things, we prepared for you materials checklist that we supply you for a great adventure far from beaten track.
  • We supply you a tent, 3 places for two persons. So, you can put in your baggage. You will sleep on floor mat and a foam mattress of 5cm for more comfort.
We have too mess tent that can accommodate 12 peoples.
  • A toilet tent will bring for certain trip; otherwise we will teach you our technical to do your call a nature in countryside while keeping the site clean.
  • Our cook takes all necessary he needs for his recipe’s preparation, and when we travel on 4×4 and porters are not necessary, we provide you table and chairs for a comfortable meal.
From you, you just need to bring clothes, sleeping bag, a simple toilet trousers and your perfect hiker’s accessories. For other detail, please consults our rubric “prepare your baggageSome details for the sleeping bag: According to the region of your stay, and the part where you will sleep in bivouac, you need some advice about the climate to equip you with a suitable down. For the trek in the massif of Andringitra and the Center Highlands, the night can be fresh, so take a sleeping bag  adapted to the temperature between 0°C to +5°C. For the rest ( Makay, Isalo, north) you need a sleeping bag between 5°C to 10°C. Equip yourself of sleeping bag to anatomic form with hood and drawstring, Rabat, zipper, approximately 20cm longer than your height. This is most comfortable. A bag sheet is recommended: in cotton or in silk, prefer sheet in elastic fabric to not confused, like the sleeping bag, a sheet longer and wider than you is more adapted
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Parfum the Mongolie
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Parfum the Mongolie
14 jours - 2,350$


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