Difficulty levels of our hikes

How to choose his trekking trip ?

The trekking that we offer in Madagascar doesn’t represent in any way a sporting feat. However, it is important to choose well your trip who is perfectly adapted to your expectation and your physical and mental abilities. Apart from the difficulties related to hiking activity, you must take into account the climate and seasonal factors (hot, cold, rain) and the remoteness notion. In Madagascar, the altitude notion doesn’t exist because no summit is located above 2800m above sea level.

Difficulty level of our hikes

Easy: 4 to 5 hours walk every day. Trip accessible to anyone who walks. Slow rhythm, little technical difficulties. Less than 400 meters / 1312 ft vertical drop per day. Medium: 5 to 6 hours walk every day. Trip accessible to anyone who have some endurance and practice trekking or sport. Regular rhythm, little technical difficulties. Vertical drop < 600 meters / 1968 ft per day. Medium + : 5 to 7 hours walk per day. Trip accessible to anyone who have some endurance and trekking practical or sport. Regular rhythm, moderate technicals difficulties, vertical drop < 800 meters / 2624 ft per day. Intense : 5 to 8 hours wal per day. Excellent physical condition are necessary because the steps can be long. You have to be able to maintain regular rhythm during several days.  The vertical drop can reach 900 meters / 2952 ft. Difficult : itinerary for experienced travelers. They required a good mental health due to the isolation and duration of travelers and an excellent physical fitness. The vertical drop can reach 1000 meters / 3280 ft. To help you in your choice, our team is available to answer to your request : logistics, equipment, climate, itinerary...
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