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Don't touch my good practices !

Don't touch my good practices !

Like other tourist destinations, Madagascar's tourism sector is not immune to bad practices and corruption. Using them and feeding them only has negative consequences for the country's development and our population. At Détours Madagascar, it is important for us to be irreproachable and exemplary, which is why, on our scale, we are fighting against these bad practices, which are nevertheless attractive and easy.

One example among others.

Our cars and drivers are perfectly in order: When we travel, there is no valid reason why one of our guides should give even a small amount of money to a roadside check.

Unofficial guides, with non-compliant vehicles, need to bribe police officers to "avoid" incidents and continue their journey. However, it is precisely the accumulation of these practices that fuels the country's social instability, maintains and fuels a two-tiered state of inequality.

Declaring its employees, its turnover and being in compliance with Malagasy law are fundamental steps in stopping the process of spreading corruption.


Practical information:

  • When you arrive at the airport, only €35 of your tourist visa is legally required: Once you have paid for your visa, you are in order, any other request for money (even from a police officer) is not necessary! Please note that you have the possibility to use a porter who will take care of your luggage for 1,000 Ariary (0.25€).
  • If you travel by taxi in the evening, especially in the city, it is common to be checked by police officers. Similarly, once you present your passport and visa in good standing, claiming any amount of money is neither justified nor legitimate.
  • It is important that travellers do not participate in the sustainability of this system, which has undeniable negative repercussions for society.

The government in office since January 2019 has adopted a very strong cross-cutting discourse against bad practices and corruption, particularly in administrative services and public procurement. It is putting in place a range of measures, across all sectors, to reverse this insidious dynamic and create a more impartial and equitable state.

« If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem »


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