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The communication in Madagascar

The communication in Madagascar


Mobile phone : French to Madagascar : +00261+ cell phone number without 0 before Phone: 00+261+20+ phone number The telephone network in Madagascar is good in the big town thanks to the development of the three companies : Orange (032), Airtel (033) and Telma (034) There are many options possible to communicate  
  • Activate your data abroad
  Generally, the data abroad of your mobile phone are enabled by default, but this is very expensive if you don’t have an international package. So disenable it once you are in the plane.
  • Buy a SIM card on the spot
It’s very easy to buy an SIM card and to recharge credit in Madagascar. Every 10 meters in the street; you will found a sales point which can be a simple beach umbrella or a small restaurant. Before buying it, make sure that it’s unlocked and works. One Malagasy number will offer you with some credits to communicate. Buy a phone are also possible. You could find basic mobile phone at very good price  in the market. It can be interesting, to not attract pick-pocket. This is malagasy people do, often they have two phones: one Smartphone for the photo and internet, and one basic mobile phone to call and send messages. It’s important to remember that to buy an SIM card, you will need your passport. The mobile network is well developed in Madagascar, but you can cross some portions without network.  
  • Connect to the wireless network
  Generally, in the hotel that we offer, the Wi-Fi service is free. You have the possibility to join your family or friends via social media.


The big town is well served by 3G and the 4G, you will found the 2G or even nonexistent network in some villages.  
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