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Some travel proposition

Some travel proposition

The discovery and nomad trip

With a choice of charming accommodation, comfortable and unique, our Malagasy itinerancies allow you a sweetness approach of the Red Island. By combining nature, walks, culture and an unique approach of the urban and rural society, let yourself be guided and delighted by the many facets of Madagascar Solo, couple or in little group, your travel will be unique!

The adventure, the expedition or the exploration

You have a taste of adventure, expedition or exploration… You want to immerse yourself in the depths of one region, hiking, dhow or kayaking. You have a compelling desire to sleep under the stars, in bivouac, loneliness and discoveries off the beaten track. These precious and rare trips, out of context, often unique are beaten on sensations that which are dear to us. The itinerary, be guided by the taste of adventure or discovery, the meeting, the opportunity. These trips require real involvement, care and accountability of each traveler.

The sport and the outdoor activities

Madagascar, rich of an extraordinary sport potential offers you many outdoor activities in relation with nature. You like water, biking, hiking…You want to dive, swim, climb … a panel of activities at your reach, which allow you at the same times to discover the wealth of the destination and to be in symbiosis with nature.

The passion or theme trips

Tsingy, the luxuriance of the primary forest, blond savannah punctuated by zebu and baobab silhouette, shore horizons punctuated by Vezo fishing villages. The atypical, surprising and varied nature of Madagascar, invite us to enter this world apart, where the endemism gives all its particularity. The blue-nosed chameleons, the pink pachypodiums, the green-eyes lemurs; the extraordinary orchids. A living world to discover! 

The hiking and itinerant trekking

A confidence: as long as we don’t know Madagascar, even the experience hiker is far from imagining the innumerable possibilities offered. This real land of trekking allows you to walk through extreme diversity of relief. The Highlands are drawn as magnificent granitic dorsal, giving powerful masses to gray and smooth domes. Taking advantage of the weak zones of this rigid and brittle mantle and magma, basalt in the making, has profiled a series of volcanic phenomena, the region of Itasy is the wonderful example. The sandstone and limestone sedimentary layers have been established in the western part of the Island. They form a series of spectacular barriers. The ruiniform sandstones with spasmodic erosions of Isalo and Makay massifs will called “our” Saharans Tassili. The limestone belt, meanwhile, extends from the extreme south to the far north of the Big Island.

Active stay, relaxation and welfare

Détours Madagascar has a pleasure to present you unusual place, some pieces of paradise situated in endless beaches, white sand, lined with coconut trees or the casuarinas or at the heart of the extraordinary nature. The lodging devise especially for the nature and tranquility lover, far of the deafening noise of the city. Snuggled between sea and land, this unique lodging will allow you to live some day in total disconnection, away from the tumult of the world in a unique natural setting. Are you looking for a place to rest? So, look, we have certainly what you need.
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