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Malagasy Southern Getaway

This itinerary will allow you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary island of Madagascar, a mysterious land that surrenders only to the one who knows how to listen and understand, to the one who takes the time to discover.

Go beyond its beaches, get to know and love this traditionally welcoming people.
Madagascar with breathtaking landscapes, crossing cultures and traditions that make it a country of exception, a unique land.

1h 30m-935km
1h 30m-45km

Day 1Antananarivo > Tuléar > Ifaty

  • Take off to Tuléar.

  • Car transfer to Ifaty, a fishing village located 45km north of Tulear.

Meal and accommodations
Accommodation: Hôtel Belle Vue I Ifaty

Day 2Free Stay in Ifaty

  • Ifaty, Mangily, Madiorano and Ambolimailaka are small villages that face the majestic lagoon of Ranobe with turquoise water, renowned for its coral reef. They are here as seaside resorts.
    Free stay, activities to see at the hotel or with your guide: hiking in the backcountry of the dry forest to various varieties of endemic spiny, euphorbia, Didiéracées, pachypodium and of Baobabs.

    The visit can be done in zebu charette or on foot; or relax to enjoy the beach, a beautiful invitation to swim in this beautiful lagoon.
    Will also be at the rendez-vous: excursion featured, balade in traditional dugout canoe, trolling, water skiing, snorkeling… Or simply walk along the beach, meet the locals and discover in depth the life of these fishing villages.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Hôtel Belle Vue I Ifaty
Accommodation: Hôtel Belle Vue I Ifaty

Day 3Ifaty > Tuléar > Ranohira

  • Departure for a day on the road, driving along the RN7. From the city of Tulear, we go North to the village of Ranohira.
    On the road we will see many well decorated tombs of the Antandroy and Mahafaly tribes.
    We also cross several cities of sapphire researchers, most of them created after the discovery of sapphire in the area.
    Before arriving at the hotel we stop at the window of Isalo, a place where we will be able to watch the sunset through the massif.
    Settling down at the hotel.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Hôtel Belle Vue I Ifaty
Accommodation: Isalo Ranch Hôtel | Ranohira
Isalo National Park

Day 4Discovery of Isalo National Park

  • A beautiful day of hiking, discovering the Isalo National Park, between deep canyons, plateaux, natural swimming pools… We should be able to spot many endemic species of lemurs, birds, reptiles, plants and butterflies.
    Isalo National Park was created in 1962, and is classified in the category of Exceptional Parks. Its area is 100 km large from North to South. It is unique in Madagascar thanks to its geological formation, dating from the Jurassic period. This mountain massif made of continental sandstone and dug with deep canyons, welcomes a rupicolous vegetation (Aloes, Euphorbias, Pachypodium…).

    You can also find there an exceptionally rich fauna, where most species are natives, such as rock reptiles, makis and other lemurs.
    The main ethnic group in this region is the Bara, living essentially of farming zebus and agriculture. Considered as descendent of the Bantu, the Bara are livestock breeders but also fierce warriors, proud and ready to give up their life to defend their freedom.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Isalo Ranch Hôtel | Ranohira
Lunch: Picnic during the hike
Accommodation: Isalo Ranch Hôtel | Ranohira
4h 30m-210km
1h 30m-60km

Day 5Ranohira > Anja > Fianarantsoa

  • Road to Ambalavao.
    We keep on driving on the Horombe plateau until Ihosy. We leave the dry South and start climbing the foothills of the Highlands.
    We make a stop at Anja's reserve : a forest of ficus, lianas and orchids developed in between a spectacular rock chaos, sometimes forming caves used as shelter by animals.

    The rocky slopes have been colonized by succulent plants such as kalanchoes and pachypodiums.

    In this lush green paradise live in small colonies the makis catta, this lemur with a striped tail which represents Madagascar. They spend a lot of time on the ground, are not too wild and so easily observable.
    The profit of Anja's reserve are managed by the AMI (Anja Miray) organization, and are donated to finance social and economical projects, which purposes are to improve crop yield, crafts development, health and education towards the villagers.
    We keep going towards Ambalavao.

  • Continuation to Fianarantsoa.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Isalo Ranch Hôtel | Ranohira
Accommodation: Villa Sylvestre Hôtel | Fianarantsoa
6h 40m-250km

Day 6Fianarantsoa > Antsirabe

  • Departure to Antsirabe located 240km to the North.
    A few stops along the way to explore the surroundings of the remains on the road.
    Arrival in Antsirabe at the end of the day, check-in at the hotel.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Villa Sylvestre Hôtel | Fianarantsoa
Accommodation: Ecolodge Les chambres du voyageur | Antsirabe

Day 7Antsirabe > Antananarivo

  • Little walk around the city of Antsirabe. We will visit the local craftsmen, who make miniature bicycles and cars, work with zebu horn… Then we drive on to Ambatolampy.

    Rice fields and typical Highlands villages draw the landscape around us, as we make our way to Antananarivo.
    If our timing allows it, visit of the crafts market.

    Rooms are provided in a hotel near the airport, so you can rest and have dinner. Evening transfer to the airport, boarding assistance on the flight to Europe.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Ecolodge Les chambres du voyageur | Antsirabe
Accommodation: Hôtel Au Bois Vert I Ivato
duration 7 days. International flight not included.

from 490€ (per person)

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