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Andasibe Mantadia National park

Andasibe Mantadia National Park is a paradise for nature lovers, with a rich and incredible fauna and flora. Located in the Rural Commune of Andasibe, this Protected Area is the most visited in Madagascar because of its proximity to the capital: 135km for about 3 hours drive.

A fauna unique in the world

Refuge for the famous lemurs

Andasibe Mantadia National Park was created in 1989 and covers 15,480 hectares, most of which is covered by a dense evergreen humid forest. This is known to be the home for a wide variety of lemur species (14 diurnal and nocturnal species) including the legendary Indri Indri, the mysterious Aye-Aye, the famous Varecia variegata, etc.

Countless harmless and adorable animals

51 reptile species, 84 amphibian species, 72 mammal species, 117 bird species and countless insectivorous bats have been recorded so far. Mantadia is one of the best birdwatching sites on the Big Island. Don't forget your camera!

An exceptional flora

Magnificent and amazing plant species

With its lush and green vegetation, this protected area contains a collection of evergreen vegetation: epiphytic plants (plants living on other plants), mosses, ferns, bamboos, palm trees, hardwoods and precious woods, pandanus and vines. This park is also famous for its orchids with 120 inventoried species, entirely endemic. They bloom between September and January.

Vegetation abounding in water

The park is home to a sacred lake, a natural swimming pool and an impressive sacred waterfall. It is also crossed by important rivers. The Vohitra River supplies the Andekaleka hydroelectric dam, the capital and the nearby localities’ energy source. Let's not forget that we are here in a part of the Eastern Rainforest!

How to visit the park?

Opt for an organized stay

It is quite normal to rely on an organized trip to Madagascar, as this is the best way to ensure a successful stay and a successful visit of the park. Entrust your trip to a Tour Operator and simply let yourself be guided and enjoy the beauty and richness of the island.

Trust a local guide

Like all other Protected Areas under the management of Madagascar National Parks, all visits must be accompanied by a local guide. You can choose a tour that matches your physical fitness and your interests. This way, you will discover the local biodiversity properly!

When to go there?

The Park inherits a humid and rainy tropical climate with more than 1,700 mm rainfall per year and an average 18°C annual temperature. No matter how long you travel here, always expect a lot of humidity! Prefer September to attend the Indri Indri Indri Festival and get to know the friendly and smiling Malagasy people.


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