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Photography and video in Madagascar

Photography and video in Madagascar

Your camera becomes your best friend in the Big Island. Between the spectacular landscape, the fauna and flora diversity and the meeting with the peoples Malagasy, it’s sure  you will have some shoots, and what about discover a new passion. Madagascar has exceptional luminosity. Like in all tropical countries, sweet light of the morning and the end of the afternoon are the best. Most of Malagasy people like have to picture taken. Someone can be afraid, disconcerted and worry. Others reach economic advantage of this situation. In all case, you must ask permission to the person and respect his reaction. If she decline, don’t insist and if you promise to send the picture… do it! Be careful with  “fady”, this is taboo things in Madagascar. There are something that you can’t photograph. With a guide, he will give you all information about the place in real time.

We create a listing to give you some advice about the photo materials:

What a shame to be in the airport with all necessary material except the most important, the camera. Of course, with charged battery inside is recommended. We never know but don’t forget it.
  • If you use reflex, and you have different lens, take two: for example, one big angle (18-55mm) and another telephoto lens (55-250mm). There is splendid landscape to photograph but also many plants and little animals.
  • Supplementary empty memory card is recommended. As like as your stay isn’t long, you will quit mind about the quantity of photo that you will take, and it doesn’t take much place.
  • Think of battery charger and movable or solar charger. If you sleep in bivouac, you will have not access to the electric plug. Some other way, It is the same plug as France, doesn’t need adaptor.
  • You must take a rag to wipe dust in your lens. It is a shame if when you get back France, you will realize the dust’s stain. Plastic bag is too recommended in case of rain.
  • For the passionate: remote, tripod and filter.
If you have place, on-board camera can be necessary to film activities (canoe, sailboat, diving,…)
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