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Talk to Tolo, National Guide to Detours Madagascar

Talk to Tolo, National Guide to Detours Madagascar

Jul 21 2016

Tanindrazana maro harena sarobidy

Ancestor lands with exceptional heritage

What I appreciate above all through my job as a guide is to meet travelers and share our knowledge. I love to feel passionate, curious when I can make them discover the natural wealth of my country, the multiplicity of our cultures that make the mosaic Malagasy.

I feel as well framing a classic trip as guiding a great trek for exploration. I'm keen on mechanics and driving, I know the tracks of the extreme south to the regions of northern Madagascar because my curiosity pushes me to explore every nook and cranny of my country. So I try to keep myself informed, to quench my thirst for knowledge. My participation in scientific missions allowed me to learn even more about the botany, ethnology and geology of the Red Island.

The relationships that I maintain with the people of the bush are complex and fascinating at first. During the first trips to Makay, the approaches were complicated. But respecting the taboos, the fady, and the habits and customs, I managed to gain the trust of the inhabitants. Once we have created a sincere relationship, we can afford to raise awareness about the role of nature and its protection. The exchanges become exciting and are done with mutual respect. Then create a real awareness to preserve the natural and human environment because today we are preparing what we will leave to our children.

From Madagascar, everyone knows its lemurs, zebus and whales. But we know very little about the people who make this beautiful country: Yet, they are eager to learn, to be trained to improve the services that will allow an authentic and ecological tourism development. To do this, we continue to bring our expertise and know-how: more awareness, exchanges and materials to better protect the nature around them.

At Détours Madagascar, we practice our tourist activity in the most thoughtful and respectful way possible of the economic, social and natural environment. It is a great pride and a group project because we are a team united and attracted by a common goal: the sharing and development of our island. I think we all have the same vision, to make Detours Madagascar a responsible company while maintaining its human size. We are then mere intermediaries between the travelers and the people on the spot.

The way of conducting our activity and our meetings makes me optimistic: now, it is those we meet through our travels and especially young people, who take their destiny in hand. They are the first players in the defense of their environment, they are the first now to pass this message of protection of nature. They educate their entourage, and lay the first stones of a future that we hope better. I would like that reasoned tourism brings a real development, controlled and respectful. Especially for the poor, the peasants and their descendants, and that it is done in the respect of all.

Tolo ANDRIANANDRIANINA is National Guide to Detours Madagascar, passionate about nature and exploration. Curious and attentive, he is ambassador of the different cultures of the Big Island.


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