Eyes crossed by Henriette Palavioux - Détours Madagascar
Eyes crossed by Henriette Palavioux

Eyes crossed by Henriette Palavioux

May 01 2015

If we want to know a country we say that we must first love its inhabitants, and in Madagascar we are spoiled for choice as the ethnic groups are multiple and the languages ​​and traditions mysterious.

The Malagasy soul is generous and deep. Men and women live to the rhythm of the elements, the beaches are heavenly, the colors of indecent water of beauty, and there are still villages that can only be reached by the sea.

It is a paradise for travelers looking for a place where landscapes, fauna and flora are so different from one another: gigantic baobabs and legions and plants planted upside down. The nocturnal lemurs nestle in the hollow of tree trunks, while others adopt a dance-like approach.

The chameleons of the bad reputation is adorned with rainbow colors to know better, appreciate a lot, large natural geological reserves are sometimes of very mysterious origins. But above all, the love we arouse in Madagascar comes from its generous and smiling inhabitants, cheerful and supportive in the image of the Tsingy whose word means "on tiptoe", a good way can be to the order.

© Henriette PALAVIOUX - Great Traveler and Photographer


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