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Rice/fish farming in Madagascar: a practice that should become a reference

Rice represents more than 40% of the agricultural income sources of Malagasy households. The rice/fish system has always...
Sep 03 2019

Ambila: a green village between the Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean

In Madagascar, there are many secret villages such as Ambila that can be reached by ferry through a river. Those who...
May 07 2019

Nosy Iranja: a beautiful secret island recommended by Vogue magazine among 9 other islands

People who know Madagascar and especially the Nosy Bearchipelago will completely agree with Vogue magazine! Robinson...
Apr 16 2019

Whale shark, rays, whale, turtles, dolphins ... The exceptional is in Nosy Be

Nosy Be - Madagascar - Requins baleines et raies by Détours Madagascar from Sylvain Philip on Vimeo. Whale sharks are...
Feb 18 2017

The baobab, the mythical tree of the Malagasy nature

The Malagasy baobabs are a marker of this extraordinary biodiversity of the Big Island, like 80% of Malagasy fauna and...
Aug 15 2016

The bewitching Far South of Madagascar

If you wish to experience a rare and mythical journey, the crossing between Tulear and Fort Dauphin by the coast is one...
Jun 04 2016

Timeless magic of the Mozambique Channel

"A number of years ago, I boarded a dhow in the north of Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel, an extraordinary and...
Jun 01 2015


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