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The Fascinating and phenomenal Father Pedro

Father Pedro Opeka is known in France for the books he co-wrote with Abbé Pierre and his many television appearances in...
Jul 29 2019

Talk to Tolo, National Guide to Detours Madagascar

Tanindrazana maro harena sarobidy Ancestor lands with exceptional heritage What I appreciate above all through my job as...
Jul 21 2016

The Makay massif according to Tolo, a shared passion

At first glance, meetings with the Baras - the ethnic group living in these areas - were delicate. They were suspicious...
Jul 05 2016

Timeless magic of the Mozambique Channel

"A number of years ago, I boarded a dhow in the north of Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel, an extraordinary and...
Jun 01 2015

Eyes crossed by Henriette Palavioux

If we want to know a country we say that we must first love its inhabitants, and in Madagascar we are spoiled for choice as the ethnic groups are multiple and the languages and...
May 01 2015


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