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Nosy Iranja: a beautiful secret island recommended by Vogue magazine among 9 other islands

People who know Madagascar and especially the Nosy Bearchipelago will completely agree with Vogue magazine! Robinson...
Apr 16 2019

Masoala National Park: a real nature haven

The creation of Masoala National Park in 1997 was quite late, as 15 species of lemurs and too many other species have...
Apr 12 2019

Betsimisaraka, the Many-inseparable from Madagascar’s eastern shore

The Betsimisaraka, literally “Those who do not separate”, make up an important Malagasy ethnic group occupying the east...
Apr 11 2019

Manambato : a village straight out of a dream

Manambato is a unique destination, nestled in a hardly accessible village by the shores of a freshwater lake sublimated...
Apr 10 2019


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