The bewitching Far South of Madagascar

If you wish to experience a rare and mythical journey, the crossing between Tulear and Fort Dauphin by the coast is one...
Jun 04 2016

Tsingy, like the edge of a blade...

The Tsingy, they are emblematic of trips to Madagascar. Whether marine or land-based, these geological curiosities are among the most amazing on the planet. Ubiquitous in the West...
Jun 01 2016

Timeless magic of the Mozambique Channel

"A number of years ago, I boarded a dhow in the north of Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel, an extraordinary and...
Jun 01 2015

Eyes crossed by Henriette Palavioux

If we want to know a country we say that we must first love its inhabitants, and in Madagascar we are spoiled for choice as the ethnic groups are multiple and the languages ​​and...
May 01 2015
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