Timeless magic of the Mozambique Channel - Détours Madagascar
Timeless magic of the Mozambique Channel

Timeless magic of the Mozambique Channel

Jun 01 2015

"A number of years ago, I boarded a dhow in the north of Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel, an extraordinary and timeless trip.

From this sailing, from these encounters came beautiful adventures to the 'Corto Maltesse' where I mixed with a great pleasure cabotage, hikes, nights under the stars on the deck or on the beach. This region is exciting, singular.

This coast, it is of a rare diversity when one goes from Diego Suarez the emblematic, in Majunga the light, from the Coast of the Vanilla on the Indian Ocean to the idyllic beaches of the West protected by mountainous massifs imposing.

Landscaping changes to the rhythms of northern music, fast, furious and round like a salegy leading to trance.

I can only invite you to the trip ... "

Tamara, looper of beautiful spaces!

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