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Fort-Dauphin: a coastal city backed by a verdant mountainFort-Dauphin is an authentic city. It is one of the Big Island’s most beautiful destinations. It is built on a narrow part of the coast, surrounded by thick vegetation. One is guaranteed a memorable stay in the middle of a breathtaking panorama. Honeymoon in Madagascar, holidays with friends or family, heading for this destination!
Consider visiting the commune of Amboasary Sud, located in the Southwest of the Anosy region, 35 km from Ambovombe and 75 km West of Fort Dauphin (Tôlanaro). Bordering the banks of the Mandrare river, the Sisal plantations stretch as far as the eye can see. The sisaleraies are vital for the local economy, especially that of Antandroy. Malagasy sisal fibers are particularly appreciated by China,
If you want to contemplate one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Big Island, head towards Evatraha, a short distance from Fort-Dauphin. To get there, prepare for a magical river cruise passing through Lake Lanirano. You will follow a narrow channel bordered by typhonodorums or "elephant ears", from villages of falafa huts implanted on dunes bordering the shore. It is from this sand that the
Cap Sainte-Marie is the top South point of the country. Also called Tanjona Vohimena, this area is 250 km from Fort-Dauphin and around sixty kilometers from Tsihombe. It is particularly famous for its magnificent sandy beach and its sumptuous dunes. We should not forget the Cap Sainte-Marie special reserve, home to two species of tortoises in danger of extinction: radiata tortoise and arachnoid
Located about 1,000 km from Antananarivo at the end of National Road 7, Toliara or Tulear is the capital of southwest Madagascar. Also known as “the white city” or “the city of the sun”, Tulear is a cosmopolitan city. Located on the Tropic of Capricorn, "Tulear" ( is a destination of choice for travelers looking for relaxed
An amazing creative Lodge , conceived and directed by Bruno Decorte Belgian designer and decorator. there we find the influence of Gaudi in curves architecture mixed with an ethnic touch, a legacy of many trips.
With its fine sandy beach and magnificent coves, Lokaro Bay is one of the most beautiful places to discover in Fort Dauphin. The main attraction in this region located about fourty kilometers from Tolagnoro. Swimming with multicolored fish, without a doubt! Discovery of the bayLokaro Bay is one of southern Madagascar’s touristic highlights. You can easily access this site full of character from
Located on the beach of Ampasilava, Laguna Blu – Resort Madagascar is 170km north of Tulear. In our exclusive location, all the 14 bungalows have sea view and private bathroom with sky-view shower and all amenities. The restaurant with panoramic terrace on the Ocean, offers daily fresh meals with fish and pasta, made by our Italian chef. Daily, you will have at your disposal 1km of white sandy
Mamirano Lodge is situated near a small fisherman village called Ambatomilo. 120km north from "Tuléar" ( , Mamirano Lodge squeeze in a small paradise. Here, quiet place where the nature is preserved in front of the lagoon with limpid water. The beach is private and we give you parasol, beds and towels beach and fins and masks. 6
Nestled in the heart of one of the largest botanical kingdoms, Auberge de la Table offers you the simplicity of a setting in harmony with nature. Located on the southwest coast of Madagascar, 13 km from "Toliara" ( and 4 km from Toliara airport, it is tranquil yet accessible. The comfortable bungalows, each with private bathroom and

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If you wish to experience a rare and mythical journey, the crossing between Tulear and Fort Dauphin by... Fort-Dauphin or Tolagnaro is nestled at the foot of Pic Saint Louis, facing the Indian Ocean....   Trips through the arid land of thorns and lush primary forests: The great trip to the Far South of Tulear... Madagascar > Fort Dauphin > Manakara > Antananarivo 16 days - From 1250 € off flight.... The splendours of the Great Malagasy South Antananarivo > Isalo > Tulear > Fort Dauphin 16 days - From

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km more from Ifaty Along the east-south From Antananarivo to Manakara: 571 km From Antananarivo to Fort... Dauphin / Tolangaro     By plane: 1h 15     By car: 1110km Along the west coast and the west center
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