Nosy Iranja: a beautiful secret island recommended by Vogue magazine among 9 other islands

Nosy Iranja: a beautiful secret island recommended by Vogue magazine among 9 other islands

Apr 16 2019

People who know Madagascar and especially the Nosy Bearchipelago will completely agree with Vogue magazine! Robinson Crusoe and Chuck Noland (the character of Tom Hanks in the Cast Away movie) would certainly want to cast upon Nosy Iranja! This spring 2019, if you are looking for a paradise island where you can enjoy the sun and the sea, and this, while being beneath the radar, you will find your happiness here! Book your trip to Madagascar now!


Two heavenly interconnected islets


As it is a secret island, you will have to be a little patient before reaching Nosy Iranja: about 1 hour and a half by boat from the main island of Nosy Be, heading southwest. The journey may seem long, but it is worth the wait! In the middle of the great ocean in a small speedboat, you might feel like you regret the trip, but once you get there, you’ll want to stay forever!


Nosy Iranja will appear before your eyes like a mirage! Two small islands covered with greenery, connected by a stretch of fine white sand of about one kilometer, a lagoon with translucent waters changing colors from turquoise to celadon green, a long and beautiful beach…


The larger island (Nosy Iranja Be), harboring a fishing village, will make you feel like you have found paradise with a seafood buffet. The smaller island (Nosy Iranja Kely) is private and consists of a fishing village and a private cove dominated by a hotel.


  Nosy Iranja: a beautiful secret island recommended by Vogue magazine among 9 other islands  

Dreamlike landscapes and activities


Inland, it’s nice to stroll along the beach, take a dip and meet the villagers. When walking through the stretch of land that connects the two islets, however, care must be taken to avoid the high tide that submerges everything. Each photo you take will be picture-perfect! You wouldn’t expect it, but the island is also home to a lighthouse!


In the small lush tropical forest, you can observe a few lemurs that seem to be present everywhere in Madagascar, even the most isolated and remotest areas. They like mango trees that offer delicious fruits. Whatever you decide to do or visit on this small piece of land in the middle of the ocean, it will be extraordinary! You’ll feel like you’re in a dream!


Wealthy ocean waters


Nosy Iranja, also known as the turtle island, is famous for its marine fauna! You will have the luck to see the turtles on Nosy Iranja Kely and observe different birds (terns, herons and sea eagles). You can also indulge in a variety of water sports, including windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, and snorkeling of course!


The transparent water allows you to clearly admire parrotfish, tuna, barracuda, swordfish, manta rays, sardines, jacks, mackerel, sharks and dolphins. Between July and October, hundreds of humpback whales also migrate here. Between October and December, it’s the whale shark’s turn, completely harmless! What a wonder! Set up your stay in Madagascar!

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